Crazy Little Thing Called Graduating Paper!

This is not important thread, it's only the way I express my craziness through blog  !! :p. Everybody knows, when u'd like to graduate from university u have to write somethin called graduating paper...Aha sounds so simple at first... but at last... this stuff just makes me mad awrrrr...

OK I cant say that the whole process of making graduating paper is annoying , may be there are some processes that actually fun to do. But, the last process is the hardest (for me). I have to admit that I'm a kinda suck academic writer, ok just writer as I cannot produce a good writing. I dont know how to put grammar in  a right place. Even I've learned it in university for almost 3 years... (I take english as my poor I am). Revise and edit become something that so difficult. When I first finish chapter by chapter, I  asked my friend to check my grammar... u know what... I had grammar error almost in entire of my writing... damn it!.Ok I tried to make it better. I edited it, and I showed it to my counselor. Again, many error still happened :'(... Now im in a process to edit it again and I hope this is the last revision. To be honest I'm tired. I have to finish it soon... I must!!!