Everything happened to me lately make me learn about the meaning of happiness. I just realized that happiness is something that we can force. Yea, we can force ourselves to be happy. we can set it, we can choose it. Happiness is our choice. 

Well in this lovely earth there are two things possible to do good deed and bad deed. Normally people will be happy if they do a good deed, there is a feeling I don't know how to call, that makes us feel so satisfy when we do a good deed. And good things is absolute, it is not a relativity. Good thing is something that has been taught by our prophet Muhammad saw, those all about love, care, respect, etc. 

Positive thinking also help us to reach the happiness. Believe that Allah always gives us the best fates, will make everything easier to do, ad fun to do....

So, have u been happy?? just be happy.... (smile)