A Memory of Competition

I was join a novel writing competition, the theme is about passion. When we talk about passion what is actually possible to write?  Being a musician, teacher, painter, photographer, etc-- for me, those are too mainstream. No, no I don't mean that those passions are bad. There is NO WRONG PASSION. Everyone has right to choose their own passion, even the silly one-- like sleeping. My point here is -- as this is for novel which is fiction. I just wanna make something different. Something that unpicked by another contestants. And the research said, origami is very fresh idea. So, for my novel I picked Origami as the theme. Aaaand here's the news I wanna say, there's a requirement to attach photo that represent the story. It's easy for me as I also love origami. So I made it. But I don't know how to take the picture beautifully. That's why I asked my friend who are the owner of Cendela Studio - Iwang Cahyadi to take those origamis picture. Here are his photoworks. I love it, what bout u?

He is Abi. I decided to use his name for my character Osa Abisena. We met him and his friend (look at the next photo) accidentally. The first time I saw him I just felt that this boy's very charming. That's why we asked him to do the photo session. :p

I know, he has handsome and cool gen :3. His name is Rizky btw

look at the yellow one antimainstream

my favorite

sexy string :p
Well I don't think that I'm gonna be the winner of the competition. But what makes me satisfy, I never done something else as serious as this one before :). I just tried my best for this ^^


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